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Is there a success virus do you think? Watching the Olympics over the last 10 days or so, it seems like, for Team GB anyway, that success has become infectious. Spreading from one member of the team to the next, giving people hope, encouragement and an extra push when it matters. 
Success does that. I remember in a previous ‘life’ (when I had a ‘proper’ job!) working for one of the UKs biggest banks and financial institutions when that success was infecting the whole country. We called the infection the boom. It felt like everyone was financially invincible. Put money here, make a packet quickly, get out while the going is good. It didn’t last. 
A company called came along.  The news showed clips of desperate people running trying to get their applications in just before it closed, it was going to be amazing. They were all going to be rich by the next week. Sadly, launched at 8am and by 10am had started to fall. It never recovered and, 12 years later, has never reached its opening share price. 
This is when people are tested. Not when success is there, but when success stops. 
It’s natural law, what goes up must come down, nothing is constant, entropy.  But it is when this happens that the truly successful set themselves apart. The strongest system, survives. The strongest genes, survive. The strongest company, survives. The strongest people, survive.
When all the success is gone, there is an important thought. Success is temporary, but so is the lack of it.  It’s time for evolution not panic or fear.  
Stock markets go up and down. It’s the nature of the machine. But it will survive because some people will never, ever give up. 
The Olympic glow will pass, some people will decide they will never succeed but the strongest and most committed will be back and be champions. Why? Because they will never, ever give up. 
In your life, whatever it is that is happening for you now will pass (ups or downs).  Your success or lack of it is temporary and you can either face it like a champion or this can be your LastMinute. 

Never, ever give up. Be infected and stay infected by success. 

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