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7 Rules of Life – 1. The World is what you think it is

Every minute of every day we filter the world through everything we have ever learned and experienced.  Every single second you have been alive has contributed to the way you experience your life today.
For example, if you grew up in a world of red, blue would seem amazing while orange may appear not quite right.  I know it’s a crazy example but I hope it makes sense!  
At no point in your life will you ever interact with the ‘real’ world.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you experience is filtered by you.  Here’s a mind blower, you are that unique that not one person ever in history has experienced this moment before and no one will ever experience it ever again.  This moment, right now is unique.  What have you done with it?!
Your expectations of life, the world and everything are defined by your internal experience.  If you think work is going to be hell, it probably will be. If you think your boss is an ass, it doesn’t matter what they do you will see them as an ass. If you believe you are not good enough you will find your evidence to support that and you’ll get to be right, congratulations!
Your thoughts are powerful.  How would your world change if you believed you are capable of anything?  How would you change you if you trusted that the opportunity to live your dream will present itself? 
The world is exactly what you think it is because your thoughts are your world.  The second you realise that is the second you take power over your life.

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