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7 Rules of Life – 2. There are no limits

When I do my training courses (BreakThrough Weekend in Glasgow September 15 & 16th, thanks for asking!!) I often say a line I do everything I can to live by…
It’s the unconscious rules we set ourselves that define our limits, when we discard our rules – none of which are real – that we lose our personal limitations.
Think about it, how many times do you say ‘I should…’ or ‘I need to…’ or even ‘I can’t…’ or ‘I shouldn’t…’?  These little gems give away our rules and limits on our lives.  
You need to realise that the only person that has ever set limits on how you live your life is you.  No one else.  
What the hell do you do that for?!!  
Realise that this is your one shot.  I’m not saying you should be out there bungee jumping from bridges and inventing submarines, I’m just saying that in your life just now you know that you are not doing things you wish you were.  Maybe now is the time to just go do it?
Why wouldn’t you?

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