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7 Rules of Life – 3. Energy goes where attention goes

How are you tonight?  Good?  Or not?
The answer to that question will tell you where your internal focus is pointing.  
If it points towards being back at work tomorrow, your packed inbox and the multitude of phone calls you have to make then, guess what, you’ll get to feel stressed and possibly even anxious.
If it points towards these precious moments with family, friends or just you being you then you’ll get to feel good, loved perhaps, possible even content and happy.
The only difference is focus.
Too many people spend hours, days, weeks, years, even lifetimes focusing all our attention on what we don’t want.  It’s ruddy bonkers!! Stop it!!  Why would you waste your energy and thought on what you don’t want?  Have you not realised that it isn’t free?  It costs you, every time you do it.  It costs you time, energy and saps you.  Do you sleep properly? If not, what is the thought(s) that keep you awake?  Bet you it’s lots of thoughts about what you don’t want.
I’m into energy investment.
When you focus on what you want, when you focus on the people that love you, the things you have achieved, the things you will achieve, the dreams you have and the joy of a future that you are in control of not only does it not cost you anything but you also get interest on every ounce of energy you invest.  It just keeps on coming.  
You give power to your emotions by directing thought towards them.  Which ones are you empowering?

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