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7 Rules of Life – 4. NOW is the moment of power

Where have you just been? And what is about to happen next? And, mind bending time again, are either of the answers you just gave to those questions real?

The answer is no, by the way.

The past is now just a memory.  A moment in time that only you experienced.  There may have been other people with you but none of them will have experienced that moment, or that moment, or that moment, or (this could go on for a long time so I’m going to stop)…in the way you just did.  It was a truly unique moment of time, experienced in a way no one ever has before and no one ever will again.

The future is a fantasy.  A guess on your best knowledge of what you can see, hear, feel and know about yourself.  But it isn’t real.  If you really wanted to, you could run out of your house naked and run around the street proclaiming your love for Doctor Who.  You probably won’t but it is an option ( if you do, grab a video and post it. That sounds funny!).  And that’s the thing about the future, it isn’t defined until you choose what to do next.  And when do you choose..?

Now.  Now is when you choose.

Every second has a myriad choices available.  You can choose left or right, good or bad, now or later, him or her, yes or no, fight or flight, stick or twist.

Now.  Now is when you choose.

So what do you choose to do?  Your life depends on your answer….

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