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7 Rules of Life – 7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth

One of my favourite phrases on all my trainings is one that, I must admit, I nicked from Tony Robbins.  It really resonated with me when I first went to see Tony live and he explained it.  The phrase?

‘The truth will set you Free’

It is an exceptionally powerful statement yet one that is not always easy to live by.

In truth we find what works and what doesn’t (in other words, what’s effective and what isn’t) because when we are true to ourselves and our lives then we have nothing to hide, does that make sense?

Let me put it another way, when we bluff and bullsh1t, we end up doing things that don’t work for us.  we end up in relationships that are dysfunctional, we end up in jobs we actively dislike, we poison our minds and bodies and the more we do it the more we end up needing to bluff and bullsh1t to hide the mistakes  we don’t want anyone to realise we are making.

When we are true, when we are honest, when we are ourselves we admit to our mistakes.  We accept that we are fallible and open our minds to change.  We become effective in every area of our lives because we understand that we aren’t always effective in every area of our lives!!  I’m going to nick another quote from Robbins here, Good decisions come from good judgement, good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from making bad decisions.

Do a quick diagnostic of your life…where are you at your most effective?  And how much do you feel like yourself when you do that thing?  It’s so obvious.  So why don’t you live the rest of your life like that?

Tomorrow is Friday, so here’s a task.  Live tomorrow and the weekend being honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t.

I promise, I know it might be scary, but the truth will set you free…

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