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7 Rules of Life – A week of Learning ends

This last week I’ve taken you through what I believe these 7 principles of life can teach us.  Here’s a quick reminder of all 7 –

1. The world is what you think it is
2. There are no limits
3. Energy flows where attention goes
4. NOW is the moment of power
5. To Love is to be happy with
6. All power comes from within
7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth 

I wish I could claim these as my own but they were written by a superb writer called Serge Kahili King.  I recommend you go and check out some of his books, no matter what your belief system.

Anyway, I hope they have made you think and here’s one final thought for you –

Enjoying them is not enough.  Reading the book is not enough.  Clicking Like on a Facebook post is not enough.  The only thing that is going to give you the life you want is action.

You need to take all the things you have learned and put them into action NOW.  You have to believe you have that power, you have to understand that the way you see the world is in your control and that you have no limitations apart from the ones you set on yourself.  You have to start loving yourself and taking care of YOU and do it TODAY, you have the ability to do it and to deny that power is to give your life away.  Be honest about your level of happiness, be open and free and focus on what you want.

This is your one shot at this.  There are many people who understand their destiny is waiting to be grasped and owned….are you one of them?

For the last time this week, Aloha

See you again tomorrow. Have a fab Friday night 🙂

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