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You know that feeling you’ve always wanted rid of? That thing you do or feel that you wish you didn’t? That wee (or perhaps big) bit of you that you wish you could get rid of? Have you ever considered, for any decent length of time, that it might actually be trying to help you?

When you think about it, it is impossible for any truly harmful thought to exist in your mind. Every single thought you have, even the dark and horrible ones, are trying to fulfil a positive purpose for you. I totally accept that, in those moments, the positive purpose may or may not be immediately apparent, in many cases its not, but it does exist, I promise.

Imagine your ‘lost’ thoughts, and by ‘lost’ I mean those thoughts that don’t seem to serve you, as thoughts having a temper tantrum! They can’t work out why they aren’t working perfectly so, rather than trying to change what they do and take a different approach, they just do the same thing harder and louder!! It’s the mental equivalent of lying down on the floor of Marks and Spencer and going ape sh!t mental and banging your head on the floor! Very rarely effective.

Curiously, one solution to this problem is about changing your approach to the thought (as opposed to changing the thoughts approach to you).

Welcome it, accept it, thank it, forgive it and then ask it to go. Simple as that. I know that sounds crazy, surely that couldn’t work, but it does!

Welcome the feeling in, feel it completely. Somewhere in the privacy of your head, accept it for what it is, a thought with a positive purpose, working hard to help you and your life. Thank it wholeheartedly for working hard for you, forgive it for the pain it has caused you (and forgive yourself for calling one of your own feelings and yourself so many bad names!) and then finally, if you’ve done all that perfectly, just imagine letting it go. (For those interested, this is a form of self hypnosis and is massively powerful! Play with it and make it work perfectly for you. It can take a wee bit of practice so keep trying.)

I say to many people, the bogeyman is only scary until you look under your bed and realise he doesn’t exist. Your thoughts can only have control over you because you don’t take the time to realise their true purpose.

Welcome, accept, thank, forgive. I wonder how many different things in your life those 4 things would make better? Ooh, the possibilities…

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