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Earlier today a pal of mine got in touch saying that they didn’t know how much more they could take and they were reaching breaking point. I sent them a reply that, on reflection, I think more people could do with hearing. So here it is (obviously edited to protect identities!). Before we start, always remember, accept the inevitability of survival and you will always find a way;

“This getting ‘screwed over by life’ thing, you’ve not been screwed over by life and the more you think that the harder and more crap you’re going to notice.

You’re just living. It’s what we all do and we all face crap. Did you get a lot of crap when you were young? Yep! But it is just life, and your happiness is all about how you cope with it. I noticed somene on your fb the other night saying ‘how much more is life going to chuck at you’ or something and I had to hold myself back from saying how that doesn’t help!! That just reiterates the illusion that you are somehow more unlucky than most but you’re not. It’s just life.

Let’s use a quick example, my dad got diagnosed terminally ill the day before I got married and I found out the day after I got back from honeymoon, a honeymoon that had been notable for my new wife having a major melt down in Paris and leaving half way through, leaving me there on my own with our two kids. 10 weeks later my dad was gone.

Now, filtered through your world view this would have been another in a long line of unlucky breaks but it wasn’t. It was just life. Would it have been easier if it didn’t all happen at once? Yep. But it did. And that’s life.
You don’t get a choice when shit hits you! It just will. It’s about dealing with it.

What’s happened to you recently sounds horrid and I’m not saying life goes on like normal when stuff like this is happening but saying you have nothing left is a lie to yourself and gives away your power. You have EVERYTHING you need to keep on going. EVERYTHING.

Accept the inevitability that life will go on, just accept it! Your role is to find a path through and a way to deal with what it throws you.

And, can I say, you have done amazingly so far. You are doing everything you can and everything you must to get through this. I know, we all know, how important this is to you and we are all wishing it to get better but that doesn’t change the fact that you can only do what you can. Outside that, life goes on.

If you are pulling yourself out of it then keep going! We all have the strength to go through more than we think we can. You just need to accept that.

Let me know how you are and shout anytime you need to.

Do good things!


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