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There was an interesting thing on the radio this morning about the plan to create safe places for addicts to inject drugs down in Brighton. Apparently this is an idea that has shown great success in many places in Europe and is not only cutting crime and drug related deaths but is also giving addicts access to help and recovery advice. Personally? I think it seems like a great idea but not everyone shares that view.

In fact, there were many voices on the radio who gave various reasons why not to do this but they seemed to fall into three main categories.

Many said it was a sin? What the fecking feck? I’m not religious but I do know that most religions preach forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance. Yet you use your religion to say helping someone not die on the street because they’ve overdosed is a sin? Not letting someone share a needle and either infect or contract potentially fatal diseases is a sin? Giving someone a gateway to recovery is a sin? I think you may need to go back and read your book.

Some said that we should use methadone and abstinence as the only methods for drug recovery and change nothing from what we do just now. Yep, ‘cos for the last however many years that’s worked a total treat, hasn’t it? I do get that this treatment works for some but one size never really fits all, does it? The more choice we have the greater success we can have.

Finally some said it was against the law. Well bugger me sideways and call me Shiela, we know its against the law but so is going 40 in a 30 but you still do it. We’re talking about people who, in the immortal words of Private Pyle, are ‘in a world of sh!t’ and break the law to do it and we’re seriously using the law as a reason not to help. Get a grip.

The point I’m trying to make here is about empathy, kindness, acceptance and openness. These arguments about this idea bear so many similarities to the recent arguments about same sex marriage and it just shows how we seek out excuses not to change that we fall back on rules, some of which are now seriously, seriously outdated.

People do this to. You will have excuses that stop you from changing but today I want you to think about something bigger than you.

The world is a complex place and when feelings happen we will come up with a strategy to deal with those feelings. Sometimes that strategy is good and sometimes its crap. That’s the way of the world. As human beings our job should be to help, at least give it our best shot. I’m not saying that we should personally all be out there crusading for something, that world would be a total headfeck!

But when people do something, something with the best of intentions, something good, something kind, something to try and help those who are in that world of sh!t, we owe it to ourselves to support it, help it and do whatever we can – even if that is just nodding in agreement and gong ‘good on you big fella, you go for it’ – to just see if it works (and there were many voices on the radio who echoed this view).

Anyway, no big point. Just want you to think and i hope be more motivated to spend less time judging and more time accepting, helping and, of course, nodding. The world would simply be a better place if we all did a bit more of that now, wouldn’t it.

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