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When was the last time you felt a spark? You know those moments when, from somewhere, something begins. It can be something sparking inside you or maybe it’s a spark that jumps between you and someone else, but you know the feeling I’m talking about. Think, when was the last time you felt it?

I’ve wondered how cool it would be to bottle ‘spark’! What would you do with it if you got it?

The interesting thing is that, scientifically speaking, sparks require polarity, positive and negative.  That’s something we all accept.

So why in life do positive and negative not create sparks. In fact, they tend to repel each other and attract themselves. It contravenes every law of physics we know!   In some cases it does work, for example the spark between masculine and feminine, but what is it we have to do to create a spark within ourselves? 

I don’t necessarily have the ‘right’ answer (although I’m intrigued to know if you have thoughts) but here’s a thought. When I speak, coach and train I often feel the spark between me and the people I am talking to. It’s a tangible energy that builds up between us and often starts a fire that keeps on burning long after we have done what we came to do (and can I pop in here that it burns in us all, including me).  So what if a spark isn’t a spark caused by polarity, what if it is a spark of pure energy?

Given enough energy you can ignite anything but to really catch it needs two things persistence and focus. It’s the life equivalent of sunshine and a magnifying glass. So here’s a wee thought for you tonight, what is it that you want so much that when you think about it you feel that spark do everything it can to ignite. Think about it and feel it. But this time, just for 5 minutes, don’t ignore it. Don’t run from it. Don’t extinguish it. Focus everything you have on it. Dream it, feel it, imagine it, live it.  Feel that spark turn into a small flame and allow it to begin burning. When it is, go to sleep and allow it to really catch overnight so that when you wake tomorrow, you’re on fire.

“It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches, only takes one match to burn a thousand trees”

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