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Sunday Supplement; its the X-factor final tonight and we keep on hearing how, tonight, one of these two guys is going to achieve their dream and change their life. I want to disagree.

Tonight one of these two guys pass the job interview. The achieving of the dream happens lots, lots later once the album has gone shiny colours, the tour has sold out, people eagerly await what is next and his name is no longer immediately followed by ‘X-factor winner’ to remind us who the hell he is. I hope they both remember that.

When you go for a dream it’s important to always make sure you know exactly what it is you want and exactly how you’ll know when you get there. If you don’t focus on the real dream you run a huge risk of dong what many, many wannabes have done before, thinking they’ve done it before they’ve done it, taking their foot off the gas and watching the dream fall to pieces when they’re in touching distance of really making all their dreams come true.

I wish tonight’s winner the best and hope they do, like may others before them, work their talented little ass off and really, really make their dream come true because tonight is really only Part 1.

Whatever your dream is, the same applies to you.

See your dreams, dream your dreams then go live your dreams. Why would you not?

Sweet dreams 😉

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