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Roy Castle played the trumpet. Roy Castle said ‘dedication, that’s what you need’. Roy Castle was fucking right on.

Let me ask, what is it that you want from your life? You know, how much better do you want it to be? What do you want to achieve or do? What, if anything, would you change about it? OK, can I also ask, what the bloody hell are you doing about it then?

I love meeting people with dedication, people who want something so bad they will do whatever it takes to get it. For me that’s how you become master (or mistress of course) of your own destiny. You are totally willing to go through the crappy bits, you are willing to spend the money, you a willing to invest the time and effort that it requires and, simply, you will do what it takes. You’ll get tired, but you’ll keep going. You’ll run close to empty, but you’ll be willing to invest. You’ll step up and do things that make you uncomfortable. And you’ll do all this why? Because you really, really want it. You don’t just pretend you do.

There are so many people, and I know you’ll know some, that pretend they want more from life but simply aren’t willing to do anything (or, at least, enough) about it. They find excuses. They blame time, money, their past, their health and blame anything but themselves for the currently sh!tty circumstances they find their life in. I have a question for this type of person, why do you even bother pretending? Who are you trying to impress? Do you think feckin talking about it is going to magically make it happen? (OK, that’s three questions but gies a break here, I’m on a roll!)

Doing makes things happen. Talking about doing is pointless (unless of course it is followed by the doing part!).

I had a conversation once with a good pal of mine about diet. This guy is an amazing personal fitness trainer, helps loads of people with their weight, fitness, attitude, self esteem and lots of other things yet, in the past, even he struggled with the occasional blip in his own diet which meant his fitness and shape wasn’t exactly where he wanted it to be. Do you know what made the difference? A conversation about deciding. I said to him that it was as simple as deciding to be a consummate fitness professional because, the second he decided that, it would be easy to become dedicated to doing what he had to do. Guess what? He decided right there and then and has never looked back. He has since become fully focused and committed to being a true professional, he took the actions he needed to take, he gave up some of the things he enjoyed because it meant more to him to be that true professional than these short term ‘fixes’ and now he is leaner and fitter than ever. Dedicated. Focused. Action. No Excuses. Recipe for success. Done.

So I want you to be truthful to yourself, are you dedicated to getting the best for yourself and doing what you really want to do with life or are you just going to pretend to everyone that you want more from life, do nothing about it and then blame everyone else for never achieving your true potential? Your shout.

Me? I’m with Roy. He once told me ‘if you want to be the best, and you want to beat the rest, dedication is what you need’ and as I’ve already said, he was right on the feckin money with that.

Stop pretending. Be dedicated to becoming the most awesome you. It becomes real easy the second you just decide to have no more excuses.

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