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What is it that gives you permission to be as awesome as you want to be? I mean, you know there is a you that you want to be and then there’s a you that you are but then there are those times when the you that ‘you want to be’ comes spilling out all over the world and shows themselves to everyone. What is that you use to let that happen?

In the last week or so I’ve encountered two of the most common ones, booze and costumes. Haven’t you ever been on one of those work’s night outs (is ‘outs’ a word?) when the wee quiet demure girl from accounts has one too many sambucas and, next thing you know, she’s giving it laldy* on the karaoke and spends the rest of the night cracking filthy jokes and flirting with everyone she sees? If you speak to her on Monday she’ll tell you how embarrassed she is and how she’s never drinking again.

But here’s my view. That wasn’t the drink or the pretty dress that ‘made’ that happen. That version of her lives inside her every day, impetuous, brave, funny, flirty perhaps. And i bet she has loads of experiences every week where she is sober and wishes she could be any if not all of those things. But it seems its only when the booze gives ‘her’ permission that she can come out and play. Only problem…when she’s let out to play the drink has fogged the line and she plays too hard and too fast.

Recognise it? What version of yourself do you wish could come out and play more often?

My work is to help people be the best version of themselves they can be. I am lucky enough to meet a whole load of people who know exactly who they want to be and are sure enough and happy enough in themselves to not need to soften a boundary or hide behind a mask to do it. But they are the lucky ones and if you are like that, I promise, you are very fortunate to be able to do that.

To everyone else I just give you this thought; the drink does not create that amazing confidence that you have. The false eyelashes, make up, fake tan and sparkly costume you wear is not a magical source of self belief.

You have the capacity to be that awesome any time you wish. I promise. It’s just for some reason you feel you need to hide behind something else to let it out.

As the weekend approaches do an experiment for me; be the most awesome you that you can be for the full 48hrs. Crack jokes, flirt, believe in yourself, be confident, have an opinion, whatever it is you want and do it JUST BEING YOU! Of course go get dressed up, go feel great about yourself, go have a few drinks but know that it is not any of those things that gives you permission to be awesome. You’ve given that permission all by yourself.

Have an awesome Friday 🙂

*she’s giving it laldy [glaswegian] translated ‘Oh my, that female individual is really putting all their energies into this endeavour’

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