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How long does it take for a dream to come true?

I was watching a great video this morning featuring none other than world renowned philosopher Ashton Kutcher (yes, that Ashton Kutcher) giving an acceptance speech at an awards show. He said that there are 3 things you need to know to be successful and the first one has bounced around my head all day;

“Opportunity looks a hell of a lot like hard work”

I love that.

There’s a myth that many of the successes we witness and many of the dreams we see come true have happened with no effort when, in reality, almost all of those successes and dreams have taken a long time to manifest, taken a whole heap of energy, focus and effort to create and are testament to whoever it is never giving up, even when the universe smacks them square in the face and screams ‘Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’.

Most successful people who have made their dream come true have learned the only way to answer that universal challenge is to turn round and scream straight back, ‘Alright then universe, square go ya pure bampot’ and get ready to do whatever it takes to make an opportunity for growth. It might not be the final step, but its an opportunity to grow and become more than you were. And, for me, that’s success.

Most unsuccessful people whose dreams are still dreams think the ‘come and have a go…’ moment is a call to sit back, give up and think it was never meant to be. They never grow because they wait for the opportunity to find them rather than the other way round.

You see, as Ashton says, opportunity looks a hell of a lot like hard work.

I saw a thing on TV the other night where Simon Cowell was dressed as WonderDog, making dreadful puns and singing some awful canine based song (looked like the early 90s!). It was ridiculous! And I bet it was hard work. We tend to forget that he served this apprenticeship, learned his craft and worked hard to create his opportunity at global stardom. It didn’t just land in his lap he created it.

Today my wife completed Day 1 of her probationary year of teaching. If all goes well, next year she’ll have a full time position and a career she could never have dreamed of ten years ago will be properly off and running. To get to this stage took a massive amount of hard work, and, this isn’t even the final goal. It’s just an opportunity to grow and its one she’s fully committed to. The next opportunity is still to come.

So, in answer to my first question, how long does it take for a dream to come true? Well, for me, it takes until you are willing to put the right amount of work in! The good news on that is that you might already have started the journey to your dreams, you might not have noticed yet. It may be hard, it may even seem as if what your currently doing is the equivalent of Cowell’s Wonderdog period but just remember, when the time comes for you to turn and face the universal bampot, keep the words of Kutcher alive in your mind, “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work”, get your head up, focus on what you want and then get stuck in.

If you keep growing then you keep succeeding

Here’s to dreams


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