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How much effort do you put into being a ‘happier’ person?  When i say ‘happy’ i mean whatever ‘happy’ means to you e.g. richer, more relaxed, sexier, bigger, smaller, together, apart, different, the same, cleverer, quieter…the list goes on.
Anyway, the simple fact is that the more effort you put into being happier the less likely you are to get it! 

When we ‘effort’, push and ‘try’ it tends to be that we try to think ourselves happy. Tying to out manoeuvre life as if it’s some sort of intellectual, tactical sport. “maybe I can do this thing, life won’t notice and I’ll be happy before life catches on. Then I can sit back and go ‘get it right up ye, life.  I’m the pure champion’ and laugh cos I’m cleverer than life itself. I’m the life tactician”

But it simply doesn’t work like that. Happiness is not a tactical move, it’s not about thought or ambition or even about being clever.  It’s actually about the total opposite. 
Happiness, in whatever form, requires no effort, lives with you right now and requires so little thought you’ve probably met many people who act to stupid to be stressed or worked up about life!! In that particular case I need to ask, who’s the clever one, really? 

Happiness arrives the second you spend more time accepting what you’ve had, where you’ve been and where you are heading and less time trying to wish the past never happened (it did), wish the present was different (it isn’t) and wish that someone can give you a magic wand to change the future (this isn’t totally impossible).

Happiness lives in you. It lives in a smile, in a moment of effortlessness, in realising that the only thing that matters in any minute is doing your best. 

Happiness is with you now, it needs no thinking. 

Close your eyes and think of something that makes you smile…see, easy 😀

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