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Sunday Evening Supplement; I’ve had a few moments recently where I’ve been awesomely amazed. I’ve been amazed at lots of things but I must admit the awesomely amazed has been specifically about my two daughters.

Now well into their 13th and 11th year I have been catching little moments, overhearing little conversations, watching them work, play, learn and develop and it’s just amazing. To watch my 2 girls steadily wander into adulthood and be able to hold and carry themselves in a whole range of scenarios. It makes me feel very proud to have been a part of it and eager to watch what is going to happen in their future.

Sometimes we miss what’s right in front of us because we are too busy looking for the big stuff, the stuff that hits us like a big, amazing, emotional pillow (in the big pillow fight of life?!). These things are, of course, amazing but what are you missing that tickles you into pride and awesome amazement when all of a sudden you look back. But why wait to look back.

Think about where you’ve been, think about where you were a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago and think about where you are now. I know a lot will have changed, some good and maybe even some not so good but I know there will be something in there that you can look back at, smile and simply be awesomely amazed that it happened the way it did and that you’ve been part of it.

Enjoy the glow, notice what’s right there, and always remember that, often, the most amazing things are with you every day if you only take the time to notice.

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