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I’ve been pulled a lot towards red recently. Red t-shirts, red iPad covers, red jeans, red mugs for the kitchen and tonight a crazy urge to buy a new red kettle! What the hell is that about! I’m not a huge one for reading much into colours. For instance i don’t believe that because I am attracted to red it obviously means that I am in a fiery place and my personality is changing due to the recent positioning of the sun and venus. But I am into thinking that it must be meaning something personal to me inside my head at this moment to have such a strong pull towards it.  So, it makes me want to ask, what colour is your life just now? I’m finding red at the moment really alive and vibrant but where are you? If your life was a colour what colour would it be?  I know there are going to be a whole rainbow of colours out there and I’m not asking you to reply and tell me (although feel free if the fancy takes you). It’s just an interesting experiment.  If your colour is dark, is that ok? Dark does not instantly equal bad (think a deep passionate scarlet for example). If it’s not ok to be dark, where in your life is there colour? And what can you do to amplify it? And if it’s bright, how bright? Do you have one colour, two colours, a whole ruddy rainbow? You could go nuts! Always remember, there is no such thing as darkness. Only an absence of light*. Have a colourful week 🙂 *brought to you by Brian’s amazing physics facts 😉

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