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Are you a self sabotager? Do you unconsciously do or not do the things you know need to be done in order to make your expectations of life or yourself come true?

For instance, if you believe you are not good enough do you ever find yourself not pushing yourself as hard as you should, missing opportunities on purpose or even continually using strategies that you know will fail but you feel unable to do the things you know will work? Then, when life goes tits up, you get to use that as additional fuel to compound your belief you’re not good enough and the whole sorry cycle starts again. Recognise it?

Here’s the way I see it; You cannot blame other people or the world or god or anyone else for your sh!tty results. You cannot expect life to move in a new direction if you aremnot willing to grab your life by the nuts, squeeze tight and do what needs to be done. If you want to make amazing things happen in your life you simply need to accept that you are excellent and amazing enough to make those amazing things happen yourself, even if you don’t have a bastard clue how the hell you’re going to do it!

Why would you keep telling yourself how sh!te you are when it feels so much better to be your own best friend? Night buddy!

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