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A personal message for everyone

Earlier today a pal of mine got in touch saying that they didn’t know how much more they could take and they were reaching breaking point. I sent them a reply that, on reflec

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Making Big New Year Choices

It was the big ‘Return to Work’ day at HeadStrong and Scottish Centre of NLP as well and we’ve gone straight back into delivering NLP Practitioner to an eager gro

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The 4 Beliefs of Breakthrough

The 4 Beliefs of BreakThrough; 4 simple beliefs that will empower you to breaking through to a happier, more fulfilled life… Your browser does not support the audio element.

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Believe Yourself Positive

Let me ask you, what do you believe? The power of belief amazes me especially when people, apparently very intelligent people, ignore a huge weight of reason and logic to maintain

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