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My oldest daughter came out with another wee nugget of deep thought tonight. Can I add, to blow some illusions here, that I believe she is nicking these off websites rather than me having a wee trainee philosopher in my house but, to give her some credit, they are good and she delivers them well.

The thought was that a butterfly never gets to see its wings so, through its whole life, it never gets to appreciate how beautiful it is.

Now I know this statement is full of theoretical holes (e.g. even if a butterfly did look in a mirror it wouldn’t now what it was looking at etc. etc.) but don’t be a dick and just consider the statement as its meant!

Imagine something so stunningly gorgeous going through its life never realising how special it is, how beautiful it is, how many people appreciate it for just being ‘it’ and how many people are positively influenced by its presence. Imagine never fully appreciating the wonder and metaphor of your own transformation or passing never realising the effect you had on anything or anyone.

Lucky it’s just a butterfly that has to live like that then isn’t it? I mean, you wouldn’t ever let that same fate happen to you, would you? Of course not…

Be your best, be yourself, love your colours…

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