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I was helping someone set some big new goals today and realised what, I think, is the secret to being truly successful.

You see, new goals are exciting. When you start a new journey its inspiring and amazing to take big steps. New jobs, new relationships, new frontiers, things happen quickly and compared to your standing start it can be incredible to move forward with amazing pace. But that’s not where success happens.

For example, I was speaking to someone recently who improved their average round of golf by 20 shots just by hiring a golf coach. That sh!t is really inspiring and exciting…but it’s also completely unsustainable.

Here’s another, I was listening to the Athletics World Championships on the radio tonight on the way home from a client and listened to the World and Olympic champion pole vaulter give 3 full bodied attempts at bettering her own world record…by just one centimetre. And there is what makes a champion.

Champions aren’t made in the exciting, huge step forward of beginnings, thats the easy bit. Anyone can do that.

Champions are actually made in the boring moments because champions keep going when things are the same, tweaking out the tiny improvements that make them different from everyone else, perfecting the distinctions that make them completely world class.

Now, not everyone can do that. Can you?

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