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I was on holiday last week and, I must say, I had a lovely time sunning myself by a pool and trying to keep my peely wally Scottish shoulders from becoming ridiculously burned. Factor 50 helped. Everything is good, I survived as a ginger in the sunshine and I’m back home safe and sound and, if I must say so myself, proud to carry a very slight tan!

Anyway, my tan isn’t the point. After a week of watching and testing, getting into the swimming pool is the point.

Here’s what I have deduced; as far as I could see, from my serious and careful observations, I propose that there are principally two ways to get in to a swimming pool while on holiday.

First, and apparently most favourable, we have the ‘edge it in’ approach. This takes anywhere up to 10 minutes and brings with it a whole host of ridiculously contorted faces, funny ‘Ooh’s and ‘Aaah’s at varying volumes and a prolonged discomfort that is perceived as ‘making it easier’. This seems ridiculous but people, especially of the female persuasion, seem to like it

Secondly, we have the bomb; a no holds barred, straight in approach which, following an initial underwater blast of ‘Oh Bejesus’, delivers a fast track to comfort and ‘ach it’s no as cold as you think’ to the edge it inners!

So I ask, which do you prefer?

Over the 7 days my personal learning was that it is far less painful (and significantly more fun) to go for the bomb. Just get in, get soaking wet quickly and then you can relax into it. It’s the thought of the cold that leads to any hesitation. In reality, it really and truly isn’t as cold as you think it’s going to be. The cold is just contrast, the difference between the heat outside and the cooler temperature inside. It isn’t cold, its just different and different sometimes takes a wee second to get used to. Well, it only takes a second if you just jump in!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my careful scientific observations. This is obviously just a public service announcement about swimming pools which I sincerely hope helps you while you are on holiday or during our unexpected heatwave and has absolutely no relation to anything else anywhere. Honest. 😉

Happy holidays, go jump in.

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