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What is success? I mean, I know what we’re told success is but that isn’t actually what success is.

I think sometimes we’re all hypnotised to believe that if we don’t have the big house, the fancy car, the right label on our clothes, the right body or even the right kids that we’re not successful. There are a lot of people out there striving and pushing and stressing to achieve a dream that they will realise, when they get there, was actually someone else’s dream, not theirs. 

Success is subjective, it’s a personal thing. You might even be successful now if you just paid attention to what you have rather than what you think you want to have!

For me, walking around the shops today laughing with my oldest daughter, taking my family out for dinner last night to celebrate some recent successes from all of us, looking forward to another 2 years of my wife being a student and achieving her dreams and many other things are my gauges of success before anything else comes close.

Money is nice but sharing in love and respect of all those around you is success. After all, driving your nice car into your nice house all alone would be, let’s face it, pretty dull.

Love and respect 🙂

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