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‘Just move on and forget about it’.

I was talking to someone today and we talked about that piece of advice. It’s very common. I grew up hearing the exact same advice just said in different words (my Dad’s version was ‘just ignore it and it’ll go away’).

But can I just say that this piece of advice is always given with the best of intentions but, in many cases, is a poisoned chalice. It sounds great. It’s all glittery and easy sounding on the outside but in practice it hides a potentially painful sting. Why? Because often we are given this advice in relation to something our minds don’t want us to forget about and so we do what we can to bury it, we ignore it until our mind leaves it sitting in a dusty corner of our minds and pays attention to something else.

And this is the problem. ‘Cos we’ve never actually dealt with it. We’ve just pretended it didn’t happen. But it did! And so, our mind will let it sit in that dusty corner and wait, and then we’ll put other things we haven’t dealt with on top of it until, as happens with many dusty corners, we wake up one day and realise that the dusty corner now takes up the whole room and we can’t move for dusty corner rubbish!

I’m into dealing with things. I say, find your dusty corner, climb into it and empty it. It may take time, you might even need help to do it but I promise you, life feels so much more peaceful and free when you decide to stop hoarding your sh!t (that’s a bad image, I know!) and clean the dusty corners corners of your mind.

I have a feather duster if you need one…

Chief Corner Cleaner and user of the NLP 😉

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