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We can wait our whole life wondering if we’ll ever reach it. Some of us even know exactly what ‘it’ is while some of us will never have the confidence or self belief to really go for ‘it’ with everything we have. 

It’s one of the most powerful driving forces we own yet so many of us ignore it, pretending it doesn’t exist and allowing other people to define our opportunities to achieve it. 


Just something for you to think about tonight. 

Tomorrow my wife Sheena takes a first step on a path that we had never even considered 6 years ago. That was when she started university, in itself a massive step for someone who hadn’t had the best of time at school nearly 15 years prior to this.

Tomorrow, after a lot of hard work, some squeaky bum times, some amazing times, and an understanding that to succeed you need to look forward and persevere, she begins her journey towards being a high school teacher. It’s an incredible place for her to have ended and one she truly deserves. 

Is it her destiny? Right now it is! But that’s not to say she won’t have another one, or that this is just another step on a path to something bigger. 

I like to believe that we can turn all we experience into fuel for our destiny. You have one. And it could be amazing. The question is, do you have the courage to turn the engine on?

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