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For the last wee while, my oldest daughter has been getting piano lessons and, as far as I can hear, they are all going very well. She can bang out a half decent Adele impression and delights in playing the theme from Harry Potter over and over again amongst other rudimentary musical delights. It’s all very impressive!

I walked past the piano the other day and, as you do, plonked a key or two and was surprised to hear that some of the higher notes had dropped, really badly, out of tune. I asked my daughter why she hadn’t told me and her answer was simple, “I noticed they didn’t sound right so I just stopped playing them”.

See, while she has been learning properly (rather than just playing about) she has been able to restrict herself to a limited range. in some ways this has been good and allowed her to perfect her technique and style but, in the long run, as she gets better and without the attention they need, those notes would still have sounded terrible and, to be honest, would probably be worse.

Anyway, I suppose I’ll call the piano tuner dude and get it fixed and then she’ll have her whole range back again.

But this is just a story about my piano, of course and has no parallels to people at all. Nope, none at all. Just a little story about a piano falling out of tune and, rather than fixing the problem so that you can hear all that beautiful music, the player just changed their tune. That’s got no relevance to anyone reading this surely….

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