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When we have dreams and aspirations its easy to get lost in the details of achieving those dreams.

I mean, every dream needs details but details are often dry, dull and boring and can easily suck away your motivation for achieving that dream. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to lose your mojo when you have had a long day and you still need to do that phone call to the guy who knows the person with the thing?

My advice to make the details bearable? Never ever stop dreaming.

Think about what will it be like to be there when it’s done? Think about how amazing will it be to have the thing from the person that the guy you need to phone knows and what difference will that make to the whole dream? Think about why you really want to do this and follow it with all your heart.

I think we’re sometimes too quick to let our dreams fade and die simply because we forget about why we were dreaming about them in the first place.

Let your dreams out to play every day. It’s the only way you’ll ever give them a chance to come true.

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