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Do you have a bullsh!t radar? And, if you do, how finely tuned is it?

Unfortunately for us humans, a good bullsh!t radar doesn’t come factory fitted and it is most definitely something we have to develop as we learn and mature. I have met many very clever people who have been seduced by empty promises and I count myself in there as well. It pains me though when I see those same very clever people being seduced again. Why aren’t they fine tuning their radar?

I know from personal experience, it’s easy to get wrapped up in something that sounds amazing, invest your time and effort in it and then find at the end that you are running on empty and haven’t actually moved anywhere! That happens, it’s life. And, its also your cue to fine tune that radar. So how do you do that?

Well, it would be easy to do the classic and just not trust people. But that doesn’t work in the long term. It makes you feel crap and can leave you very isolated. In fact, I would say, you want to do the complete opposite.

You want to fine tune that radar by becoming more honest. I know that sounds bizarre but every time I run through what I have done when I’ve missed something is become more honest both with myself and other people.

I trust my gut while asking the questions I need to ask. I learn from my mistakes while accepting I’ll make more. I become more open, honest and ambitious while accepting full personal responsibility for whatever results I create. I learn to listen, trust and take action.

Strangely the more I do that, the less bullsh!t I seem to attract and the quicker I smell it when it appears.

To be honest, I can’t smell any around me just now, what about you? Listen for the beep…

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