There are two reasons for you clicking on this page;

1. You’re a little bit mental and you want an exhilarating experience that you, and maybe some other people you know, will never, ever forget.
2. You’re a little bit mental, you want an exhilirating experience of a lifetime that you will never, ever forget AND you want to raise money for a good cause while you’re at it.

Whichever reason is relevant to you, we promise you’re now in the right place.

We really should take some time here to tell you that firewalking has been a right of passage for thousands of years or that the modern firewalking movement has been embraced by many of the top transformation professionals in the world as a means to unlocking people’s true potential and self belief.

We should also tell you that we are one of the top teams in the country, with inspiring, experienced workshop leaders who are at the top of their field, who have successfully helped hundreds of people walk safely on fire for over 4 years.

But we’re not going to.

What we want to tell you is that firewalking is an incredible experience that, in reality, is nothing at all to do with walking on fire.

We also want to tell you that, to us, a lot of what you will experience on your firewalk is science. Mind over matter is an interesting concept but, for us at HeadStrong, science is our friend, and that means your friend, on a firewalk.

But FEAR doesn’t give a crap about science.

If it did, no-one would be scared of a spot of turbulence at 36000 feet, or spiders with no teeth, or bumble bees with no sting. Doesn’t matter how many times someone tells you these things are safe, FEAR will win.

However, one certainty of life is that you will face challenges and fears, and this is why we walk on fire.

Your fire is another fear. Now is the time to find courage and beat your fears once and for all.

Our workshops leaders, Brian and Jamie, take all our walkers on an inspiring journey that teaches all the skills you, and your group, need to be able to beat fear and prove to yourself that you can make change happen in every area of your life.

The walk is just the first of the things you will conquer.

If you are raising money for a good cause, we can guarantee that the people you want to help face fear on a regular basis.  For some of the charities and causes we have helped and continue to help, such as Teenage Cancer Trust, Scottish Autism, RAMH, Active Communities and many more, the people they help face fear daily.

Your fear will last seconds and we promise you will feel amazing at the end of it.  It will make it all the sweeter if you know you have helped someone else make facing their fear a lot easier.

We run walks for any group size from 20 – 200+ so please get in touch and, if it’s just you or a small group that wants to walk, then look below and there will be details of our next Open Walk, open to anyone whatever reason they choose to walk even if it’s just for the hell of it, and get involved.

We look forward to getting some heat under your feet…

If you are an organiser, fundraiser or company looking for information on setting up your own walk, please email and we will get you over all the details you need.