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Do you have forgiveness confused?

You do realise forgiveness isn’t about the person you’re forgiving, don’t you? It’s more about you.

Forgiveness isn’t about saying that what happened was OK, right or acceptable. Forgiveness isn’t about ‘letting someone off the hook’. Forgiveness isn’t even about forgetting.

Forgiveness is about freeing yourself from negativity about carp things that happened in the past. Think about it, all those sh!tty feelings or anger, sadness, resentment or whatever it else you hold onto, who has ended up most damaged by them? The target of all your negativity…or you? And don’t go telling me any bullsh!t that it’s not as easy as that because it is as easy as that.

I am privileged to help many people find forgiveness and I love it, in that special moment, when people realise that when they truly forgive, and I mean truly forgive, they set themselves free. They change because, the second they cut that tie, years of crap leave the, in an instant and they become better, bigger, stronger and happier.

Have you ever noticed that really happy people tend to not hold grudges? There’s a clue there.

Close your eyes. Picture them in your mind. Say ‘I forgive you, truly and completely’. Feel freedom.

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