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One of my favourite groups of people to do change work with is teenagers. The teenage mind is so easy for someone like me to work with because it is completely open to change. For a teenager change is normal. The teenage life is a swirling pot of change where every firsts, lasts, ends and beginnings happen on a daily basis so the teenage mind that has taken a wrong turn is often ready to be pointed in a new direction.

For example, at some point between 12 and 17 you would have played hide and seek for the last time. It was a day when a favourite childhood game ended for the last time. Yet, did you notice? Did you spend the next 2 months despairing over leaving it behind? Did you ever wake one morning feeling a burning want for a game of hide and seek to make you happy and fulfilled? Probably not. Your mind went to somewhere new, you changed, accepted that change and moved on. You will have done exactly the same with many teenage thoughts and actions.

As adults though, we don’t do that. Our minds become fixed and locked on ideas and, at some point, we decide that it takes times, effort and massive energy to change our feelings or our thoughts about anything. We become closed to simple change. I don’t exactly know when this happens or why it happens but the fact is that it prevents us from changing like a teenager.

I like to see people look at life through the eyes of possibility. I believe our minds are learning machines built for adaptation and change and it is possible for all of us, teenagers or not, to change. The one thing i believe us ‘grown ups’ lack that stops us from changing? We believe someone somewhere will tell us we can’t do it, shouldn’t do it or maybe even are kidding ourselves on that we have done it at all.

Tonight I want you to give yourself permission to change tomorrow. Tell yourself it is absolutely OK to be whoever you want to be, to do whatever you want to do, to forget whatever it is you want to forget, to move on and live YOUR life without apology.

The only thing different between your mind and a teenagers mind? A teenager doesn’t ask, they just do. Maybe it’s time for you to act young again.

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