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So, if you haven’t heard, Apple released a new operating system for their products over the last couple of days. It’s had a similar affect on people as when Facebook updates its interface; people start to moan about it!

Isn’t it interesting how we react to change? We ask for change, e.g. “this isn’t right”, “down with that kind of thing”, yet when it happens we throw our toys out of the pram and whine like crazy. And then, of course, we get used to it, so we stop moaning about the change…and start moaning about how nothing ever changes again!

And please don’t kid yourself that this only happens with phones and Facebook! It’s everywhere! We say the government has to change and, when they do, we moan about the new one. We say we want new things on TV and the reminisce about how the old programs were the best.

Again, can you see how we react to change? It amazes me that we have the cheek to wonder why we don’t change things in our own lives when we can’t even handle something so simple as this! If this is how we react to our phones changing, no wonder you can’t change your sh!tey relationship!!!

Always remember, the only constant is change and the sooner we all learn that the world doesn’t (and won’t) stand still and wait for us, the better.

Can I be frank? If your iPhone has recently changed its look, suck it up. When Facebook changes again, get bl00dy over it!

Change is inevitable and the sooner you either get used to the way it is now rather than whining about how much better it was then or do something proactive to get closer to what you really want, the happier you will be. Guaranteed.

Make change your friend.


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