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I was at a gig last night (hence the lack of post) and a thought passed through my head as I watched a general cacophony of alcohol fuelled carnage happen before me. I will admit, there were some hazy memories firing off as I watched it, remembering being part of many a booze fuelled party, some of them were good times (as far as I can remember!)

Anyway, that leads me to the thought; why is it that we feel we need external sources to amplify and augment our positive states of mind? What is it in us that means that we believe it is not enough to rely on our own body chemistry to provide a natural high so we supplement it with whatever we have chosen to be our drug of choice?

Can I add, I enjoy a drink now and again and, in the past, I would almost definitely been part of last night’s carnage. I’m not advocating or recommending a life of virtuous abstinence!! Go get pished if you want to! It’s just a thought.

The way I see it, it’s not your drug of choice that unlocks your ‘true self’, the ‘party you’ or the ‘real you’. That you is always there. The ‘drug’ merely gives you permission to let that you out.

Wonder what would happen if you allowed yourself to let jthe best of you out every single day?

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