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If you were to distill your life down to four or five main ‘things’, what would those ‘things’ be? Think about the main things you care about that, if they were alright, would mean that pretty much everything about your life was alright.

If it helps, in my case, for example, my five things would be my wife, my kids, my wider family, my business and my connections to friends. It would probably be roughly in that order as well. If those five things have a tick in the box, and I am very grateful to say that they do just now, then life is pretty much tickety boo. Everything else is simply easier when these pats of my life are in a good place.

So, what are yours? What are the first four or five things that jump into your head if I asked you about the most important things in your life?

Now, imagine what it would be like to be standing surrounded by these ‘bits’ of your life and being able to just ponder on them. Almost as if you were looking down on them in some sort of crazy life surveying dream. What would you see? What would you notice? How would these things ‘be’?

It surprises me how many people I meet who have forgotten to take a little bit of time to look and see that, actually, they have everything they want right here, right now. They cause themselves untold stress and pain as they strive for more, pushing and guilting themselves, telling themselves what they need to do and have and what they should be doing with their life when, if they just stepped back for a second, they would realise that everything they want is everything they have.

As you do the crazy life surveyor dream, maybe you find that’s true for you and maybe it isn’t. Either way its good information.

If it is true for you then maybe you can stop pushing so hard and sit back and accept what you have. Maybe it would be a good idea to let those most important parts of your life know how important they are?

If it’s not true for you yet, then I urge you to make one big NEW decision tomorrow and change something to make it closer. You have the power to change this. No one else. So take it. Your view of life will radically change once you grab it and start realising you are in charge.

Sometimes we only see trees, when we are surrounded by woods. But it’s only when you get high enough to survey the whole landscape that you get to realise just how beautiful, varied and vast your woods actually are. Until you do that, woods are still just lots of trees.

Go get high.


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