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I’m going to take Boxing Day off and simply let you read a post from my big mate Davie McConnachie of DMC Fighting Fit. Loved it…

“In the pub for the traditional boxing day bevvy with the father in law. getting whipped at pool and trawling FB.

some friends posts got me thinking

The more happy and complete your life is the less things matter.

Material possessions / things
What people say
The bitter jealous and envious people
The things in the past that make you embarrassed

All means nothing when you have the warmth and love of a family and you know that the direction you take your life is controlled by you and that the core of everything you do is for a positive outcome

Happiness really is free if you can find the route to it

Merry Xmas and happy Boxing Day…..”

Couldn’t have said it better myself…so I didn’t!

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