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The other night, for about an hour, I had a bizarre mental wobble. I posted a blog entry on Facebook and then, like a visit of an old pal, my mind filled with doubt about what other people would think about it and eventually I ended up deleting the post. As can be seen from Facebook I then got a talking to from the wife and put it back up! It was a weird hour!

I was going to post tonight about how it shows that even personal development professionals are still human but my friend, business partner and frequent guest on this blog, Steve Burns, has done such a superb job of saying the same thing, I’m going ton leave it to him. I really do urge everyone interested in personal development to read all of this. Superb stuff.

“Just finished watching Paul Mckenna on BBC Breakfast promote his new book ‘Hypnotic Gastric Band’. I’m really not much of a fan of the whole hypnotic Gastric band thing but that wasn’t what I found interesting.

He talked openly about the fact he’s been depressed the last couple of years following the death of his father (and his dog).

He looked more than a little edgy and the interviewer suggested that, the fact he was depressed, wasn’t the best advert for him and his field.

I can understand why a lot of people might think this but personally I think it’s a really good advert. It’s nice to see a guru not hiding behind their celebrity mask and the perception of impenetrability they’ve built.

It’s a risky move for him…especially because he did come across a little ‘manic’ and clearly still has some work to do on himself but it must of taken a hell of a lot of courage given the image he’s built up.

One of his lines, for me, said it all. He said:

“People call me a guru and that worries me…I’ve got problems like everybody else, it’s all a learning process”

I wonder what worried him…the fact people think he’s a guru or that he’s been so boxed in by public perception that he hasn’t been able to talk about and deal with his problems.

I’m betting on the later…

NLP and hypnosis are amazing for self improvement and helping you resolve some light and very deep issues…In my experience it’s absolutely the best out there. (and I’ve tried some really weird stuff!)

It doesn’t turn you into a robot though…

You still have problems, the main difference is that NLP & Hypnosis give you a way out of them…Sometimes this happens quickly other times there’s a deeper message for you to find and it takes a bit of time and exploration.

It also gives you a way to evolve so that you have a ‘higher quality of problems’. I don’t think you ever want to be completely ‘problem free’.

As Paul said problems are how we learn and grow…I couldn’t agree more.

So all the best Paul…I don’t like your hypnotic Gastric Band and don’t think I’ll be buying your book but I do have a lot of respect for you.

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