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On Wednesday there (1st May), HeadStrong turned a big boy 6 years old. SIX! Ruddy Hell, I still remember the day HeadStrong was conceived in a hotel room in EuroDisney, only 3 weeks later my notice was handed in at work and now here we are.

Today I had the very good fortune to be talking to someone about creativity. The person I was talking to is a general amazing creative type; songwriter, artist, writer the whole shebang and we were talking about evolution. The idea that you put something out there and then, when you reflect on it later, you can see how much you’ve evolved.

She was telling me how sometimes she will do a painting and then, as time passes, she watches herself evolve away from that painting. You know, realising that the emotions and imagery in that painting is something that isn’t ‘her’ anymore. It’s one of the reasons she believes that art finds life away from its artist. I like that…

When I think about the early incarnations of HeadStrong and who I was back then, I share some of those same feelings. I remember at the beginning I was simply trying to fit a mould, to play by a set of rules, get things ‘right’ and be liked. I was so scared of fecking it all up I wanted to behave so I studied and scripted and stayed inside the lines, if you get what I mean?

Then came the swearing years. A period of time where, due to some misguided rebellion against the mould, I became myself just with a fu€k and a sh!t every second word! They were interesting times and I apologise to Scottish Power specifically for that time!!! Haha!

And then, it all came together. I learned how to relax and be confident in what I believe, in my message, in my ability, in my knowledge. I found somewhere inside that felt good, realised I might actually be OK at this stuff, relaxed a bit and here I am. Evolving and excited to see what happens next.

To copy the words of one of my inspirations, I don’t tell you this to impress you, I tell you this to impress upon you that the path to your dreams is rarely straight. It’s always been and always will be an evolution.

For me it’s about growth and change, it’s about awareness and action, it’s about an acceptance that every stage is necessary to reach the next stage. If you want it to be perfect today, it won’t be, because today is also a part of the evolution. The only thing constant is change.

I know that there is evolution to come. Maybe one day I’ll look back and wonder about this post and where I ‘was’ right now. Even if I do, I know I will accept it.

So Happy Birthday to me! At 6 years old, HeadStrong hasn’t p!ssed the bed now in 2 years, is allowed to stay up a wee bit later and has almost all its teeth!! However, it isn’t entirely fond of roasted parsnips. It’s been a journey and can I take this chance to give a huge thank you to the amazing number of people who have helped, attended, changed, coached, advised, supported, been, gone, laughed, cried, become friends and especially to everyone who is now started living their dreams.

I hope you find the confidence to start your evolution. Maybe its already started and you’ve just not noticed yet? I’m looking forward to seeing how we all evolve in the next 6 years…see you then 🙂

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