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I was thinking about one of the posts last week and came up with a question that you may never have considered; what would you lose if tomorrow you woke up happy, confident and free from all the stuff that holds you back?

I mean, what does it mean to you to not feel the way you feel now? What has stopped you giving yourself a break so you can stop working so hard at being miserable?!

One possible reason? Somewhere, deep inside your mind, you think letting the bad stuff go means you’re going to lose something. But do you know what it is?

Bizarrely many people are worried about what it would be like to lose the happiness, confidence or contentment that they don’t have yet. Before they even have it, they worry about how bad it would be to lose it and then they feel crap because they don’t have it! But here’s just ine oroblem with that; this idea of loss treats those things – happiness, confidence, contentment – as things when they are not things, they are actions.

When you realise that happiness isn’t something you have, it’s something you do, you are back in control of it. You can only lose it if you choose to stop doing it. The same stands for confidence, fulfilment, contentment, love, peace and any other feeling like that you can think of. These are all things you do, no one can give you them and you need nothing to ‘have’ them. Therefore, you can never lose them. They are even with you now whether you like it or not.

Question is, are you brave enough to try doing something different and do happiness rather than sadness, confidence over stress or even acceptance over resistance? Or do you have to much to lose?

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