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Do you realise that one of the biggest challenges to truly enjoying your success and appreciating your general awesomeness is everyone around you…but not in the way that you might think.

Let me ask you, who do you compare yourself to? And, when you do that, how do you match up? Are you better? Worse? Does comparing yourself to that other person/business/body make you feel good? Or do you use it as a stick to beat yourself repeatedly over the head with?

You see, that’s how everyone else that isn’t you holds you back. Nothing to do with them, it’s all down to you!

As an example, I was coaching someone tonight through a wee challenge of feeling not quite ‘up to par’ with those around her yet, when we talked about it, she realised that actually all the things she’d been using to tell herself how crap she was weren’t actually things she wanted in the first place! For ages she’d been looking at ‘them over there’ with their fancy pants whatever, feeling bad ‘cos she was obviously crap because she didn’t have a fancy pants whatever too and actually, the truth is, she never wanted a fancy pants whatever and what she already has beats the pants off their fancy pants whatever anyway! Her pants were way fancier than their pants she just been looking at their pants so long she hadn’t noticed how cool her pants were!! Please note: this coaching session had actually nothing to do with pants.

But this is what we do, isn’t it? We spend so long looking enviously at everyone else’s tight ass, fancy car, swanky holidays, successful career or whatever that we simply don’t notice all the amazing things we have sitting right there in front of us. It’s a little like watching someone else filling their car with petrol and then wondering why you never get anywhere!!

If you ask yourself just now what you have that makes you awesome or what you’ve done that, to you, is a success, how good does that make you feel. I guarantee that if it does make you feel good its because you’re not following instructions and still comparing yourself to others or not truly allowing yourself to bask in your own success and awesomeness (awesomeness is the word of the night btw).

Here’s a wee something if you’re up for it, tomorrow pay attention to your thoughts and notice, just notice, just how many times you look at someone else and make a judgment on yourself, good or bad, based on what you see or observe. Now remember, it’s those moments that are holding you back from everything you truly can achieve.

And if you want to change it? Just start paying attention to yourself and stop trying to be better than anyone else, just be the best ‘you’ you can possibly be. I promise, that’s more than enough.

High 5s to all the awesome folk…


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