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Someone asked me recently what I do for a living. It’s a common question that I get asked quite often and I’m also quite often stumped as to how to answer. I have, on many occasion, found myself rambling through various terms trying to explain the various facets of HeadStrong and how it works and asking myself the same questions again and again;

Am I a life coach? Oh Jesus, I hope not. For me personally, life coach conjures up images of some know it all, cheesy, positive thinker who speaks in affirmations, is, at first, addictive and then quickly descends into non stop goal pushing psychopath that doesn’t know when to stop turning life into one big amazing fest.

Am I a therapist? Hmmm, I don’t think so. In my head, despite what I do for a living, the word therapist still makes me think of cliched images of Freudian type characters with big note books sitting behind prone patients on chez longe type bed things. I don’t have patients and I’m too friendly to sit anywhere but facing my client while we both drink tea!

Am I a psychologist? Don’t make me laugh. I don’t like to find out how people are broken, I like to find out how they can be fixed.

Am I a trainer? Yes I am that, you could also say I’m a teacher (of sorts!) but that’s not all I am.

So what did I answer? Bizarrely and from somewhere inside I said ‘I help stuck people’. And when I thought about it, the more I liked it. I have, and sometimes still do still use the terms above to describe what I do but they never felt like me, never described it as much as ‘I help stuck people’. ‘Cos that’s exactly what I do. I’m a mental solvent (I promise not to use that in public)! Whether its BreakThrough, private sessions, Practitioner, school workshops, everywhere my mission is the same. To help people see they have a choice. You always have a choice.

You know, we all get stuck from time to time whether it be in life, in work, in business, in relationships wherever. Sometimes when we get stuck its obvious and we know inside ourselves. We feel trapped, we don’t know where to turn and our minds go all noisy futilely (oooh, thats really a word!) seeking escape from where we are. But sometimes its not that obvious and we start to make excuses for our stuckness like blaming the world, the government, our partner, our childhood, the weather, anything that allows us to live in the illusion that we have no choice.

It’s an interesting concept, stuckness. Interesting because it really doesn’t exist. As i said, we (and I include you in that we) always have choice. Always. And there is nothing I love more than watching someone discover their choices again and realise their life simply doesn’t have to be this way.

Hi, I’m Brian. I help stuck people. What do you do?

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