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Here’s a question to anyone currently seeking perfection; can i ask you if you know just how perfect does your perfect have to be to be perfect?

I meet a lot of perfectionists. You probably do to but they tend to hide behind a face of ambition or frustration depending on where they are in their perfection journey so they might not be as instantly recognisable as you think!

Anyway, here’s a thought I had recently when talking to one of if perfectionists; What if perfect cannot exist without being imperfect?

You know we chase this ‘perfect circle’ with no raggedy edges and smooth, beautiful curves but why does that need to be perfect? What if, really, perfect has a wee bump, gap or sticky out bit and it’s just that wee bump, gap or sticky out bit that makes it truly perfect. Before the bump, gap or sticky out bit it was missing something, a personality, character a je nais se quoi, you know what I’m saying, but as soon as we add the bump, gap or sticky out bit we smile at our wee circle and it just feels, well…perfect.

In most people’s lives perfect is never perfect. Perfect has life, energy, character and contrast. Perfect is rarely smooth or clinical because smooth or clinical is dull and lifeless. Dull and lifeless isn’t perfect, dull and lifeless is just that…dull and lifeless! For example, have you ever driven a car that is so perfectly engineered and managed that it is truly dull to drive? If you haven’t, give me a shout and you can come round and drive mine. That’s exactly why I want rid of it!!

Sometimes I find people waste valuable time and energy chasing an ideal, a perfectionist vision of a life organised to within an inch of itself only to find that, when they get it, they are bored and actually what they really want was right there all along with all its bumps, scars and sticky out bits.

My thoughts, perfect doesn’t exist. Even the universe, a machine built to maintain a perfect balance of everything, has decided that the pursuit of balance is a futile effort, given up and decided that chaos, imperfection, imbalance and the subsequent confusion of a whole planet of physicists is so much more fun.

The easy way to loving life is to accept that, no matter how hard you try, it will always be imperfect and that’s exactly what makes it perfect. That’s not to say it couldn’t be better. But better isn’t necessarily perfect. Does that make sense?

So ask yourself, if you allow yourself to think about the possibility that perfection exists in the very things that make it imperfect, how many perfect things do you have in your life right now and how many things do you simply need to make better?

Here’s to loving chaos and sticky out bits,



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