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My youngest daughter, Amy, has been going to a new dance/theatre school the last couple of weeks. She’s just turned 12 and going into an established group of girls and boys she doesn’t know has been a really big deal for her. Tonight, as i drove her to the class, it did appear from the terror in her eyes as if I was leading her to the gallows rather than what was meant to be a fun night of dancing and singing!!

As we drove, I said to her at one point that all she had to do was be herself. She worried that ‘herself’ wasn’t who people wanted to meet. The confusion of trying to be someone else was the real source of her fear.

It’s amazing how many people I meet who worry about letting their real selves be seen by the general public, keeping the real them hidden like some dirty secret. Can I point put that when I say ‘letting the real you be seen by the general public’ I don’t mean showing up for work in your joggies and an old tshirt, moaning about your neighbours and farting without a care. That’s not the real you I’m talking about! I’m talking about the other real you…

I’m talking about the quirky you, the funny you, the you that’s sometimes a bit daft, the you that’s sometimes a bit quiet, the ambitious you, the passionate you, the you that’s full of love or even the you that has a bl00dy opinion and isn’t afraid to say it. That real you. The really cool real you.

You know, I can say with conviction, you are amazing. There are very few people I’ve met who, at their core, aren’t decent, loving, amazing, special people. Often the thing that drives us crazy and stops people knowing that’s who we are is simply that we are too scared to let that us out! The thing that stops people knowing the real us is us stopping people knowing the real us!!

You feckin rock. I know, you can be a total ar$e at times and there are times you do stupid stuff that its better no one knows about but you still rock. The world deserves to see you at your best and I promise you that if you can do that, show the world your best, you will attract people that love your best, that want your best and will show you their best in return. It becomes a big ‘best of’ party

My daughter went to her class tonight and I am incredibly proud of her for facing something that was really terrifying to her. She walked through that door and faced a huge uncertainty. That takes guts…And it also has rewards. 3 hours later, she had a great night, made some new friends she’ still chatting to on her phone and, as she came out, I saw the wee glimmer in her eye that I recognised. I could see the real her…

Go rock…

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