“You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favorable climate in which to learn.” ― Milton H. Erickson

I remember when I first got introduced to hypnosis I believed it was about power.  I thought it would be amazing to have the ability to affect people just through some sort of magic trick I had learned. It was a fascinating and exciting thought.

Once I started to learn hypnosis I became even more intrigued by its ability to change how I felt; the rush of a deep trance experience is quite special. A feeling of being totally safe and comfortable while not entirely being aware of anything apart from the presence of your own mind and the incredible possibilities it holds.

And then, as I developed my skills, I fell in love with the power of hypnosis to help people, myself included, change and develop. I found that I could affect people but not in a way that asserted power, more in a way that suggested empathy, trust and friendship.

I discovered the hypnotic power to make people better.

Our Hypnotic Practitioner course is a unique, five day course, certificated by The Society of NLP where we show you how to experience all the wonders of the unconscious.

We will take you from the basic building blocks of the Hypnotic Process, through the language of ambiguity and change, all the way to the experiences of deep unconscious Changework such as Past Life Regression.

This is a special five days and, at the moment, no other company in the UK is trusted to offer the Society of NLP Certification for Hypnotic Practitioner.

Join us on this unique and amazing journey through your mind and the minds of many, many others.

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For the full five days, certification, your beautiful manual, meeting all the amazing people that are going to do it with you, and all of our incredible jokes the current cost is £1297 (inc VAT)


 To book please email Karen@headstrongnlp.com and our team will take you through everything you need to do and know to make huge change part of your every day.

Please note: Hypnotic Practitioner is delivered as our sister company The Scottish Centre of NLP and we promise any emails from them, especially the lovely Allison, are OK to respond to!