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I was at our course that’s running in Glasgow today and during one of the exercises I noticed that, just up the hill from our hotel, there was a whole swarm of kids playing in the playground of a local school. It got me thinking about childhood.

These kids were totally wrapped up and involved in all sorts of games and activities. I really don’t know what was going on because it was just a hotch potch of ‘stuff’! What I will tell you is, whatv was going on involved, and perhaps required, a lot of running around. Some of it in circles. But that didn’t matter. Nothing mattered really, because it was quite obviously, even from my distant perch, a whole heap of fun.

When is it that we start to put rules in our fun? You know when you were young it was totally possible to run around in a circle, enclosed in a small square of concrete, for no huge purpose apart from the fact that, right at that moment, it was absolutely the most funnest (my page, I can make up words if I want!) thing in the world to do.

Now, as adults, fun has rules. Things we should or shouldn’t do, things we need time to do, things we can or cannot do and it limits our ability to simply enjoy. I’m not trying to say that, at this age, chasing your bessie mate round in a circle would be fun (although it might well be) or we should all ditch work tomorrow for a game of world cuppy (football based game!!) in the park, I’m just saying that maybe if we stopped thinking about having fun and actually went out, found and indulged in more things we find fun to do now we’d possibly smile a little more, laugh a little more and rediscover some of that childlike joy that still lives, somewhere, in each and every one of us. Know what I mean?

So, I’m up for a game of hide and seek! Anyone else?

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