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My sister had her ultrasound scan today to check all was good with the little person she is currently growing inside her. Happily, all is good and apparently my soon to be niece or nephew even put on a show which included thumb sucking, pointing and even some sort of ass wiggle to the camera. Sounds like he or she will fit in just perfectly to the family then!

Is it not amazing and inspiring to think of the number of possibilities that baby has right now? I mean, nothing is defined. Nothing is certain. The exact same thing was true for you at that stage in your life as well. Think about it…

You were perfect, the world was your oyster, you could have done almost anything (I say almost cos, lets be honest, if you were born in Govan then being the President of the USA is sadly denied to you!). You could have been anyone, gone anywhere, nothing was beyond you. And, with all that being true, given your years of life, you have become you, sitting here, reading this, in this place. Cool. Glad you have arrived!

You do know what that means though, don’t you?

It means that who you are today is absolutely, exactly and completely who you were meant to become. You can wish to be someone else but it is pointless. You can wish for a different past but that is pointless too. You can even wish you’d done it differently but, and i think you’re getting this now, that is also totally pointless.

You are you and every choice you have made in life (and, of course, some that were made for you) has led you to this very moment. It can never have worked out any other way, does that make sense? If it was even possible to rewind time and take you back to those critical moments in your life, given everything you knew back then, you’d just do the same thing again. Your choices have, whether you think it or not, been perfect.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying your life is predestined or mapped out for you, that’s a bit too fixed for my liking. I’m saying that your destiny is in your hands right now and, outside your years of early childhood, has always been in your hands. No matter what has happened for you, the sum of all your learning was always going to bring you to right here, right now and the sum of all your learning will define exactly what you do next and, ultimately, where your destiny lies.

So can I add a wee bit to the sum of all your learning?


It’s one of the biggest keys to creating a destiny you will be proud of. People who spend too much time fighting where they are in life end up standing still. Standing still and fighting. That’s not gong to move you anywhere.

Accept where you are, decide where you want to go, realise that the one person with the power to make it happen is you and, from this place, begin to make choices. Good choices. Choices that would make wee baby you proud to be you.

There are many paths to where you want to go and they all start here but you are the only one that can choose which one to take. My advice? Choose the path that leads to the most new paths, at least then, no matter what happens, you’ll always have plenty of choice of where to go next.

In 20 weeks or so, my new niece or nephew will be born into a world of possibility. I wonder what paths they will choose…

There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.” JRR Tolkien

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