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My countdown is on! 6 days until I leave for a week with the family, sun, water, wine and relaxation in Spain! Canny wait!! But in my head, this holiday, for one reason or another, is marking a turning point for me, for HeadStrong and for just about everything.

It’s funny how we do this isn’t it? We have these strange points in our lives and dreams where everything comes together, all at just the right time, like all the streams that have been crossing distances as we work and strive and push finally converge on the one place and, of course, when they do they become even more powerful, a torrent of dreams if you will.

I don’t know what it is that makes this happen, I’m just glad it does. I like to think, ‘cos I like to think, that I make it happen. It’s not some universal destiny, it’s not a projection of a future, it’s not even really karma, it’s the result of a lot of hard work and focus and, for me, it’s no coincidence all these streams are converging. Through my work, my focus, my refusal to give in or stop, I’ve been actively pulling these streams together. It’s no coincidence, it’s design. In fact, when I think about it, it’s about bloody time they converged ‘cos I’ve been pulling them this direction for ages!!

Focus, attention and intention. These are the three things I reckon I’ve been pulling with hardest.

And, here’s the thing, you have these things too. I know sometimes pulling these streams can get tiring, I know it sometimes looks like there’s always going to be one stream that escapes, slips your grasp and goes shooting off in a random direction again but I promise, keep pulling, stay focused, pay attention and do it all with good intention and, in the end, it will all begin to become more powerful than you can possibly have imagined.

So ask yourself, what do you want to happen next in your life? And, if you were to look out over the future, where is the perfect point for all your streams to come together to make it happen? If you think about it long enough you’ll be able to see it happening. Now you’ve got it, go start pulling your dreams together. It has to start somewhere, may as well be today…

Wishing you floods of good things…


NB; For the geeks amongst us; I know that certain people have hinted that combining or crossing your streams can lead to ‘total protonic reversal’* but I have it on good authority that when the right time comes it can lead to all sorts of awesomeness. This is a good plan. I say we go with it.

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