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If I was to give you a pair of glasses which made everything blue stand out over every other colour, how much blue do you think you would see that no one else can see?

You’d see blue in trees, you’d see blue in birds, you’d see blue where the rest of the world believed there was no blue simply because your perception of the world had been changed by my magic glasses.

Interestingly, this is exactly how your mind works. It’s a big perceptual filter, guided by your mind however, and different to my magic specs, it is designed to see what it believes is there rather than actually what is there.

This can be a good thing. In my mind for example, luck tends to be more about how someone filters the world than the planets aligning. Do you class yourself as lucky? Well do ya…punk!?

But in many cases its a bad thing. We filter for where we aren’t good enough, we filter for people who don’t like us, we filter for the very things we don’t want, screening them out and often, and I know you’ll argue with this, but often we are witness to things that don’t really exist. A tiny look that your imaginary magic glasses blow out of all proportion, a word said in a tone that your magic glasses twist and change until you are convinced you heard the anger you expect, a small mistake filtered out of proportion by your magic glasses to mean more than all the successes you have enjoyed.

You must recognise this. We all do it. But here’s a thing, what if it isn’t true? What if you’re wrong? What would happen if you took your glasses off and saw the world as it is rather than how you expect it to be? Even better, what would happen if you put some of those lucky glasses on? Or how would your world change if you began to filter for being 100% good enough?

It’s an interesting thought that the world is not how you think it is, the world is actually just how you think it is (think about it, it works, I promise!)….

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