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One of the mistakes I think people make when they attempt to make sense of their lives is the mistaken belief that your story (ie the events and people and things that you have experienced) is still real and still happening.

We talk about events of our past in the present tense, we hold onto anger, sadness, fear, guilt and many other emotions about events long since finished, we harbour resentment to people we haven’t seen or heard from in years.

Sometimes it’s good to realise, and realise really deep down, that many of the things we fear and still cause us pain are over. They finished long ago.

When I meet people who were bullied for instance, one of the biggest emotional breakthroughs comes the moment they stop bullying themselves inside their mind. The bullying stopped years ago, yet they run it every day as if it still happens. It’s over. You’re safe now.

I’m sure there is something you run, or somewhere you go, inside your head that finished long, long ago. When are you going to let yourself accept that it’s finished and everything is ok now?

What would happen if you did it right now?


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