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It was the big ‘Return to Work’ day at HeadStrong and Scottish Centre of NLP as well and we’ve gone straight back into delivering NLP Practitioner to an eager group from Macmillan Cancer Care. I’m always excited and intrigued to see how people from very specific and specialised disciplines employ and apply the skills of NLP to help people so it should be interesting watching this develop.

Apparently today is the day most likely for people to want to change career. It’s funny how certain things can work like a lens on your life and bring things into focus, isn’t it. New Year is one of the regular events that carries that power! So here’s what I say to you if this is you; take action. Don’t sit about and wait.

If you are not fulfilled, not happy, not recognised then act while the lens is working in your favour. Act before everything goes back to being the same and you drop back into the ‘Same Sh!t, Different Day’ trap like you did last year! And by ‘act’ I don’t mean walking in tomorrow and telling your boss to shove their job where the sun don’t shine. All I mean is begin to do something that moves you towards a destination that inspires you and you know will make you happy. Phone the university, check the job papers, book yourself on the course, email the person that has the answer to that question you’ve always wondered about, take action.

I believe it is possible for everyone to do something they love and, can I add, I also believe many people are already doing something they love they just lose focus on the bits that inspire them and get clouded on the daily bollocks (think the teacher who loses sight of the joy they find in teaching due to the lack of resources and time).

So, as you sit here reading this, on national career change day, you have a choice; act and change your future or accept and enjoy things as they are? Which is it to be?

Enjoy whichever decision you make 🙂

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